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Their classification title may include all members of the order like caimans and alligators. They may also be found in fresh water bodies such as large lakes, large rivers and wetlands. Their existence dates back to 200 million years and lived the wonderful extinction unlike the dinosaurs that became extinct 65 million years back.

Crocodiles are hunters and await unsuspecting or fish land animals to come near their habitats. They then attack by using their tails which are hooked and very strong. The animals consume their predators . The digestion is done via the secretion of powerful bile acid which will help ease food absorption. They have a very slow metabolism and can survive long periods without eating. They can attack big sea creatures like sharks and kill them.

Crocodiles are extremely dangerous to man. Even though they can’t keep up with the individual’s speed, they could attack so quickly before someone can react. The most dangerous of these animals include the Nile Crocodiles that kill tens of thousands of humans each year in Africa and South-east Asia. The Nile crocodiles are natives of several African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Sudan and many others. The Saltwater are common in Asian countries. However a species called Mugger Crocodiles and Black Caiman are extremely dangerous to humans.

Honey Badgers

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Honey Badgers are one of the most amazing animals on the planet.

Fact 1: They’re also called the”Ratel.”

The title”Ratel” has likely been taken in the Afrikaans language that’s indigenous to Namibia and South Africa. Additionally, it might have been derived from the rattling sound they make when they’re frightened. It is quite fascinating to know that the Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the South African Defense Force was called”Ratel”.

If You Would like to see honey badgers, then you may want to see these areas: Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park in South Africa, Tsavo National Park in Kenya and the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Fact 3: They’re the world’s most fearless animal.

They may look cute and adorable-but do not be deceived. They are rather tough, so don’t mess with those guys. You may know the reason why as we proceed.

Honey Badgers can strike snakes-even the most vicious and poisonous ones. They could devour an entire five feet-long snake in only 15 minutes. They kill snakes by catching them behind the mind. Other creatures that fall prey to this ferocious animal contain termites, earthworms, hares, tortoises, as well as crocodiles which are about a meter in length.

Truth 5: They are solitary animals.

Honey badgers live in isolation.

Fact 6: They’re nocturnal during summer and diurnal through the winter.

In places where human activity is regular, however, honey badgers are primarily nocturnal.

Fact 7: They have really thick and rubbery skin.

Their durability and looseness of the skin make them resistant to bites from different animals. They’re also able to spin around, permitting them to turn and bite predators.

Fact 8: They do not have visible ears.

This truth is really obvious, as their ears seem to be quite concealed.

Fact 9: They’ve been known to live for 24-26 decades.

There’s not much information concerning the lifespan of honey eating badgers. But, there are sources stating that they can live around 24-26 years .

Fact 10: Honey Badgers release odor from their anal glands.

There are hints that honey loving badgers release odor from their anal glands to”fumigate” the bees forcing them away from the hive.

Honey Badgers may not seem as sweet and good-natured as how the title suggests, but they’re still among the most unique animals which you can find.

The Walrus

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When vacationers arrive on their polar vacations expecting to find a myriad distinct creatures, among the animals that necessarily makes the’top three’ list is the Walrus – and though it might seem difficult to believe without seeing these impressive animals in the flesh, there are loads of reasons for such high esteem. Visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of these animals will be well rewarded – after all, with their size, they’re pretty hard to miss!

Tough Tusks

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating qualities you’ll note about the Walrus throughout your polar vacations is the giant creatures’ tusks. Believe it or not, these elongated canines can reach lengths of up to one metre in both females and males – even though you might not be able to get close enough to measure them from tip to gum! The tusks are usually larger among males, where they’re used for fighting and dominance displays. Whatever the gender of Walrus, though, their tusks come in useful in their everyday life – such as to help make holes in ice, or to assist in dragging prey out from the sea and onto a solid surface.

Predators and Prey

It only needs to worry about two creatures hungry for a Walrus bite – the Orca, and the Polar Bear. Fortunately, however, the Walrus is not a huge part of either predator’s diet, meaning that there are always plenty around to see on your polar vacations.

Myth and Legend

The Walrus features prominently in the faith and folklore of many Arctic communities. According to legend, the tusks were originally formed from the tears of the weeping girl. However, the Walrus has also featured in more contemporary stories across the world – those two distinctive tusks making them an instantly familiar creature, whether on polar vacations or in the pages of an illustrated children’s book. One of the most significant examples is from Lewis Carrol’s poem,’The Walrus and the Carpenter’, which appeared in his seminal’Throughout the Looking-Glass’, in 1871.


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It simply digests its meal also receives nourishment from its meal. A friend of mine thinks that a starfish isn’t an animal but a stone.

Starfish is also called a sea star, they aren’t actually a fish but are echinoderms, and they belong to the household of Asteroidea. There are approximately 1,800 species of starfishes on the planet. A number of them do not even look like celebrity. A normal profile of a starfish is that it generally has five arms. But some specie has over five arms.

The Philippine starfish is generally hard and also have horns. They are rather abundant in the Philippines. Certain processes will need to be followed so it can be maintained for a long time period.

Proper classification and processing of the Philippine Starfish are extremely important, ignore this, and you wind up getting a rotten, smelly starfish. Our procedures employ’s a union of both traditional and contemporary method of preserving and cleaning starfishes.

Packaging also plays an essential role in this enterprise. We should think about the transport time from our warehouse to its destination. Again if we ignore this, molds will certainly grow, and it’s extremely important to incorporate a desiccant to the packaging to stop moldings.

The sea is really a magical location. It may comfort us and calms us. What better way than to bring a monster in the sea into our houses to remind us about the joys we connect with the sea. The villainous lizard has this quality of developing damaged limbs.

Starfish is among the most lonely animals around, you need to know why? It’s because they can replicate without a partner. For us people it would be a curse to be lonely, but for a starfish, it’s a requirement to ensure the survival of its inhabitants.

Grilled Vegetables

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The grill is your friend this summer. You can create whole meals on this very simple piece of gear and create delicious food.
When you grill you use high, direct heat to cook food. This create the wonderful char and the delicious smoky flavor. However, (always a but) that is not so healthy.
The charred pieces have carcinogenic compounds. Additionally, like all cooking, you lose vitamins and juices with heat.
It’s not all bad news. Grilled vegetables taste delicious. They cook quickly and retain their snap. It’s one of the better cooking methods, far better than boiling.
Here is the best way to cook vegetables and meats on the grill. Marinade everything. A simple marinade keeps away the char, provides wonderful flavor, and keeps everything simple.
Use an oil base. Olive oil is popular. Grapeseed, sesame, and coconut oils are healthier.
Add lots and lots of spices and herbs.
Coat the grill with peanut oil to avoid sticking.
Grill fast, but do not over cook. Vegetables on the grill need to be done quickly.
Any veggies can be done on the grill. Larger ones can be cut into smaller pieces. All fruit which are a little more solid are also great.
Get your fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market. That way, you have the freshest vegetables. Fresh is important because fresh vegetables retain their structure. Firm vegetables are better.
Ever tried grilled peaches or watermelon? You don’t know what you’re missing!
All meats can be done on the grill. Eggs and fish should be done in a pan or on foil, since they can fall through the grates.
Obtain your meats from a local butcher that uses local meats. This is much healthier, with a much better fat profile (more heart healthy omega-3s). Locate a local farm which sells eggs. See if they let their cows run around and eat bugs and weeds, their natural diet. The meats and eggs taste better on a natural diet, and cook up so much better. Yes, you may taste the difference.
Best of all: you can’t cook breads, pastas, or any junk on the grill! Just don’t go adding it in.
Cook more on the grill this summer. It’s faster, healthier, and tastier! Plus, choosing the local farmer’s markets and butcher is more economical!

7 Keys

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A common slogan among asthma sufferers is”When you can not breathe, nothing else matters”, alluding to the desperateness of one who can not inhale the life-giving air. Is life-giving air the entire story on breathing? This report takes common breathing guidance and provides reasons for its effectiveness. It goes further and provides essential elements in breathing technique for superior health.
Breathing is perhaps among the very densely integrated autonomous behaviors that reach well beyond a simple filling of the lungs.
“Breathing emerges through complex network connections between neurons distributed throughout the nervous system. The respiratory rhythm generating network is made up of micro networks working within larger networks to create different rhythms and patterns that describe breathing.”
The outworking of Garcia’s study can be observed when a man is influenced by strong emotions like anger & fear.
Mainstream suggestions for breathing is to reevaluate the autonomous control and inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth slowly with pursed lips.
Professor Konstantin Buteyko (Russia 1923-2003) is credited for a method characterised by slow and decreased breathing combined with spaced pauses of no breathing permitting Carbon Dioxide to build up to bursting point.
Breathing is a relevant part of the practice of Yoga. Yoga breathing techniques typically follow either distinct poses or some kind of meditation. Thus it is hard to divide and ascribe the result to the breathing, poses or the meditation.
Pandit JJ, in 2003 tested 3 breathing techniques for optimal Oxygen uptake, as follows:
The Oxygen uptake was the same for Things 1. & 3 and a greater efficacy compared to Item 2. His work illustrates that breathing technique is vital.
NO relaxes the smooth muscle in arteries supplying a larger flow area for blood, thus reducing blood pressure and deliver more nutrients to where they’re needed. The importance of NO in the human physiological functions cannot be overstated. Although 1000’s of research papers are written, World research continues. NO is implicated in heart health, lower blood pressure, better quality of sleep as well as erectile dysfunction.
NO is produced in the uterus, the largest being the maxillary sinuses both sides of the nose. They’re closed chambers except for a tiny soft-tissue opening known as the ossium that’s open the olfactory airways.
There’s no wrong or right way to breathe – the autonomous brain work sees to it that you get sufficient oxygen in your system. But, there are ways to breathe to get maximum NO in your system. Here are 7 pointers to help get this remarkable gas in your bloodstream.
Nose hair and constricted nose ducting guarantee there’s a negative pressure in the airways. This partial vacuum causes the sinuses to deliver a small quantity of NO-laden atmosphere into your inhaled breath. The harder you breathe at the longer NO the sinuses will deliver.
Blocking one nostril and consequently the other nostril increases the partial vacuum to induce NO-laden air to be pumped into your inhaled breath.
This creates the best quantity of vacuum on your respiratory system allowing NO-laden air to be sucked in the sinuses. Obviously you can just do this for a brief time before resuming normal breathing.
NO requires time to be absorbed into your blood. Accordingly it’s better to hold your breath for as long as it’s convenient. Alternatively exhale slowly to permit the lungs time to consume the NO.
Lundberg et al revealed in 2003 that humming increases exhaled NO by 700%. Other researcher discovered an even larger increase in exhaled NO during humming. Problem is that it’s hard to inhale while stirring. Thus the sequence suggested is to float for 3 minutes then immediately inhale. .
To overcome the issue of simultaneously humming and inhaling, it’s advised to pretend to snore, which makes the sound like you were snoring. The snoring noise frequencies are in the array of the maxillary sinuses natural frequencies roughly 110 to 350 Hz. Letting the maxillary sinuses to resonate will pulse NO-laden air to the inhaled breath quantity. Since snoring is an inhaling manoeuvre the NO will reach the lungs at larger quantity.
During a descent process in an aeroplane headaches are often avoided using the Valsalva manoeuvre. This manoeuvre involves closing both nostrils while trying to exhale until the ear drums’pop’. This has the effect of pressurizing the uterus which upon following inhalation release the pressure and inject NO-laden air to the olfactory airways.
A. NO in the uterus is a finite resource and may be depleted.
B. Why don’t you breathe in NO gas just like they do for infants with pulmonary hypertension? The dose of NO in a medical setting is closely controlled. Exposure of animals to NO has caused nausea, unconsciousness and death.
C. Why don’t you sit in a high traffic area and breathe at the NO produced by automobiles? But, exhaust gases are a poisonous cocktail of different gases like Carbon Monoxide. The danger of poisoning far outweighs any advantages to be obtained.
After about 5 years of Purchasing women’s wear from China, India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia we discovered a need to ensure supply is based on the following:
• No child labor
• No Azo dyes that cause cancer
• No unpleasant processing chemicals that harm the environment.
• Fabric from renewable sources
• Natural flame retardant cloth
We went a little farther, and asked ourselves the question:
What can we add to our variety of clothing that enhances health in the wearer?

Are We Evolving

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Humans have a tendency to think of themselves as distinct from the other species, special, unique. Is this thinking correct in respect to Darwinian selection? Are we above other creatures when it comes to selection? Some scientists think that the Darwinian views of natural and sexual selection do not apply to us since humans are extremely”ecologically flexible”, meaning that we have the capacity to adapt to several types and changes of environment in ways that no other creature can. But, genomic information has provided the scientific community with evidence that selection of phenotypic traits does happen in humans. This means that selection does act on humans, even if the scope where it acts is not fully understood. This topic is of repute in the area of human evolution. Are humans still evolving, or is our species stagnant and unable to develop further?

Natural selection is the process described as the choice of biological traits based on the sexual success of people carrying these traits. In other words, the”passing on” of certain traits is determined by the reproductive success of the individuals. Sexual selection is the concept that animals develop certain traits or characteristics that aren’t necessarily crucial for their survival but give them a greater likelihood of reproducing, by way of example the mane of a lion, or the tail of a peacock.

Scientists have a good grasp on the roles sexual and natural selection play in most animal populations however, because of lack of suitable datasets, selection in human populations has not yet been fully understood. A study, conducted by Alexandre Courtiol and Virpi Lummaa from the University of Sheffield, looks at whether or not natural and sexual selection took place within this human inhabitants and extrapolated their findings to modern human populations. The analysis consisted of analyzing the chance for selection based on 4 factors in human life: achieving reproductive age, access to opposite sex, successful mating and fertility. They took into account the gap that wealth and gender would have on these points and divided the data into two groups: landowners and landless. This was done to exclude social status as being a cause for greater reproductive success. They found evidence that both sexual and natural selection acted on this population.

Natural selection was seen by the variance in fitness throughout the population concerning survival into adulthood and fertility. This is to say, people able to live to adulthood and pass on their genes were better adapted than individuals not able to do so, and therefore chosen more often from the opposite sex.

Variance in mating success explained the greater variance of male reproductive success, in contrast to females. This higher variance of male reproductive success can be explained by the social situation of the moment. Divorce and adultery were highly prohibited and only in the eventuality of a spouse dying would one be able to remarry and continue to have children, continue to reproduce. Men remarried more often than women since women were open to marrying guys much older than themselves. Reproductive success would be higher for men as a consequence of the fact that men have a longer reproductive life; there’s no age limitation in guys for the ability to procreate. This isn’t typically seen in cases where the spouse is widowed. Once widowed, most females wouldn’t procreate again; they’d stop to have reproductive success. The sexual selection observed in this population can be simply explained by the capacity of men to replicate for more; this does not give them greater fitness.

At this point it has been observed that natural and sexual selection acted on this human population. However, the question remains: to what extent? The results of the study further demonstrated that it was sexual choice that provided the higher proportion of opportunity of selection. In other words, that sexual selection accounted for a higher proportion of the total selection. Natural selection was still significant, but not to the exact same degree.

The novelty of the study is that it reveals higher chance of selection than any other research with human populations. Procedures such as statistics of birth and death rates, and demographic surveys don’t account for differences such as economic status, biological contrast and social status. This study does.

Are humans above other creatures when it comes to choice? Assessing the data, Courtiol et al. found that the human population followed the identical intensity of Darwinian selection as that expected from any other animal population. This means that humans in this population were subject to the same forces of selection due to any other animal inhabitants. Extrapolations can be reached from this analysis. This monogamous population showed both sexual and natural selection to the extent of additional animal populations; would a more modern population show the same degree of selection? The changes in social behaviour, technology, and culture appear to have not removed the evolutionary pressures of natural and sexual selection. If Darwinian selection operates in a strictly monogamous society then it’s plausible that it would also operate in a less monogamous population.

It is true that a lot of work has to be done in this field; however, new studies are being designed and carried out that promise to bring forth more info. It’s exciting to think that scientists are delving into these questions. Are humans unique in the view of natural and sexual selection? Does our”environmental flexibility” set us apart from all other animals? It’s my opinion that sexual and natural selection definitely play a part in our societies, but to what extent I remain unconvinced. Similarly to all humans, I enjoy being different from all other species.

Common DNA Myths

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Here are the top 6 misconceptions about DNA and some corrective observations.


More correctly, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a molecule of nucleic acid.

  1. DNA is only found in humans

No, it’s found throughout all living things in nature, though of course it differs in terms of its coding from one life form to another.

By way of instance, if you have any pet animals they will also have DNA.

  1. Life Can’t exist without DNA

This is a really tricky one since you can argue for quite a lengthy period of time about whether matters such as viruses are alive or not.

Should you think that viruses constitute life, then the statement isn’t entirely accurate. Some viruses do contain DNA while some do not and use instead RNA (Ribonucleic acid) as a way of communicating genetic information. HIV is 1 example of a virus that does not contain DNA.

Theoreticians also have speculated as to whether more sophisticated life could develop without DNA and some are convinced that there is no reason why an alternative mechanism for passing on genetic information couldn’t have developed elsewhere. This is a choice discussion point amongst the scientific community debating whether extra-terrestrial life exists.

It is difficult to extract DNA

No, it is not.

In fact, the basic chemistry behind the processes is now relatively simple and related experiments are often conducted in several schools as part of the science lessons.

  1. It’s only useful, in an applied sense, in forensic work

On the contrary, knowing DNA and potentially using that understanding to generate treatments, is one of the fastest-growing and potentially most promising areas of medical research today. A whole range of treatments seem to be breaking from this area.

It’s also proving to be quite helpful in understanding the evolutionary history of various human and other animal populations around the world. This is sometimes known as DNA-archaeology or DNA-anthropology etc..

More commercially, organisations are currently encoding unique DNA markers into products to be able to ensure that they can’t be readily or profitably be faked and counterfeited. These are sometimes referred to as”brand integrity solutions.”

  1. You can utilize DNA at birth to forecast all the disorders someone will get as they get older

Unfortunately, you can’t.

Although this is often depicted in science fiction books and movies, at the present time it is only possible to analyse the DNA of a newly born child to search for a relatively few of certain identified problems that will signify he or she will develop a certain condition in the future.

In other situations, it’s now understood that certain genetic combinations can indicate that the person concerned will have certain genetic predispositions towards a condition later in life. That’s far from the same thing as saying that medical science can currently say with certainty that they will develop those conditions.

Numerous illnesses in life are linked to lifestyle choices or the misfortune of picking up something infectious. These might be entirely unrelated to your genes. So, as not all diseases and conditions are directly related to genetics they cannot be predicted by analysis at birth.

Historical uses for Jet Fuel

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Without aviation, we’d be unable to travel across the globe for a brief period. We would still rely on boats to travel, which is time-consuming and not efficient. However, the development of the aviation businesses also results in the elaboration of a new type of fuel. This new kind of fuel was focused mainly on air transportation, and it is another crucial thing to all planes. All aircraft use a type of fuel called jet fuel or aviation fuel. Without aviation grade fuel, planes would have no source of fuel to power the effective jet turbine engine that would generate lift and other electric power for the aircraft.

As plane engines get more complex, they would need more sophisticated kinds of fuel to power the engines better. Common gasoline was not ideal for planes. At the dawn of aviation, most airplanes have a small, simple engine which powered automobiles. However, simple gasoline wasn’t the ideal fuel for its powerful engines used by piston-driven airplanes that were developed in the 1930s and 1940s. Simple gasoline was not as efficient, and it did not have a high-octane rating. All kinds of fuel have a benchmark evaluation. The grade has been its level of octane. The higher the amounts of octane allow a powerful piston engine to burn its fuel economically. During, the Jet era, the recently invented jet engine does not require a sort of fuel which vaporized as simple as before. Rather than using old gasoline, they turn to a mixture of Kerosene and petrol. This first sort of jet fuel was called JP-1. Later on, there was a recently developed JP-8, they used this one kind of fuel because it had a higher combustion rate and was less carcinogenic. All jet fuels only have a requirement that all types of aviation fuels wouldn’t ignite at low temperature, to avoid any fire accidents.

In the industrial airplane businesses, they use jet a fuel. Jet a fuel is a high-quality fuel. If jet a fails the purity and other quality tests to be used on jet aircraft, it’s sold to ground-based users that have less demanding requirements. Commercial jet fuel in addition to military jet fuel often includes anti-freeze to prevent ice buildup inside the fuel tanks. In the current market, jet fuel cost approximately 0.95 cents per gallon. Jet fuel is cheaper than petrol as it is pure kerosene and commercial airlines purchase them in bulk, making the price cheaper. Before jet fuel can get usable kerosene needs to be extracted from crude oil and purify so it will burn in jet engines. After extraction is completed, the chemist must find out the mix of kerosene and gasoline to produce the fuel as effective as possible, and keeps the engine from unnecessary misfires.

To conclude, the introduction of Jet fuel altered the face of the aviation industries. Without aviation grade, fuel air fares would cost more because they would have to use gas to run the engines. The uses of jet fuel are also more efficient for airplanes as they were created for the job.

About Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs the word by itself requires no introduction, the entire world is well aware of the past lives of the creatures that once lived on Earth and were credited to be the only lizards to have walked on straight legs unlike the modern lizards walking folded ones.

Crocodiles are the very best and the nearest known creatures that are known to live alongside these majestic animals and derive a significant amount of relevancy with them.

We are still discovering new fossils every day, new discoveries are quickly coming to the picture.

An impact from an asteroid that hit the ground in late Cretaceous period is the most important reason for the extinction of dinosaurs many scientists think that it may not be entirely correct as after effects can also cause the disappearance of remaining ones.

The reason that lots of species vanished along before the crash might be due to a wide spread of some dinosaur plague or could be caused by the environmental changes. Though it is not sure which one is the correct, In the present days, some of the fossils are discovered having radioactive properties in them especially the fossil from the late Cretaceous period.

Fossil evidence suggests that brachiosaur aces existed long before the first T-Rex ever were created, and it is also a huge misconception about t-rex that it was the largest carnivore. In fact, it was sixth in the ranking according to size in comparison with another colossal meat eaters such as mapusaureus, carcharodontosaurians, giganotosaurus, saurophaganax and Spinosaurus though the new discoveries suggest that t-rex was the most well designed killing machine but still was not greatest.

Discoveries of more titanic giants are still going on it’s a huge misconception that people think that flying reptiles were dinosaurs, but they belonged to a separate group of reptiles called pterosaurs.

Between those above many weird-looking and eccentric dinosaurs were also discovered such as therizinosaurs the most strangest of all and pterosaur Hatzegopteryx a reptile which was able to fly. Primary groups were the sauropod, theropod, ornithopod, ceratopsian, stegosaur, ankylosaur; duck build was later classified and extensive researches performed to understand the seeds of development: our ancestors.